NStrip: Carbon Nanotube TIM

A carbon nanotube based thermal interface material. Our NStrips offer high electrical and thermal conductivities, outstanding mechanical properties, small diameter and large aspect ratio, high surface area and excellent chemical and thermal stability. NStrips will help to lower device temperatures, longer cycle life and superior stability to existing thermal pastes and pads.

NStrips are solid-state thermal interface material (TIM) that have excellent thermal conductivity in Z-axis direction and high mechanically compressible for excellent gap filling capability. NStrips are comprised of vertically aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes deposited on both sides of a metal substrate and have thermal conducting properties greater than that of existing TIM and more importantly high temperature thermal stability beyond 300oC. The high cycle life NStrip lends itself to thermal management for advanced devices in server farms and IoT applications.


    • Composed of vertical arrays of carbon nanotubes
    • High thermal performance for demanding applications
      - Thermal conductivity: > 4 W/mK
      - Maximum temperature: > 450 °C
      - Low thermal impedance: 7-9 mm²K/W
    • Solid state material with long cycle life (no polymeric additives)
    • High compressibility: Pressure 30 kPa
    • Die-stampable into pre-fabricated dimensions
      - Customizable length & width dimensions
    • Customizable thickness for optimal mating surfaces
    • Standard slim profile: 80-120 μm thickness

Variety of NStrips

• Length of vertical aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTs) can customized in length scale from 20 mm to 40 mm and higher. This accommodates various surface roughness of heat sink and thus ensure higher air gap filling capability.
• NStrips with longer length CNTs are recommended for higher surface roughness.

High Cycle Life

Accelerated Lifetime Testing: Far in excess of 100K equivalent hours at 100oC operating temperature

  • Red Line: NStrip treated at 300oC for 60 days in air
  • Black line: Untreated NStrip

Advanced microelectronics and their applications requiring long life cycle necessitate new thermal management including improved thermal interface materials. NStrip TIM with higher thermal performance and excellent life time stability have applications in the following market:

  • LEDs for achieving longer life-cycle with better thermal management
  • Power electronics
  • Microelectronics
    - Servers for cloud computing
    - IoT devices requiring extreme long life-cycle
    - Laptop chipsets
  • Automotive
    - On-board computers
    - Battery thermal management for EVs