NTubes: Multi-walled nanotubes

Nano-scale atomic arrangements of carbon in the form of hollow tubular fiber – molecular fiber. They help to improve thermal and electrical conductivity, with the potential to make nearly every product better performing, lighter, stronger and more durable with proven applications globally. Our NTubes are 99+% in purity, customizable lengths and low price.

NTubes are high purity multi-walled carbon nanotubes produced with NTherma’s new proprietary production method. Structurally, NTubes have diameters of 8-20nm, consist of 3-8 layers, with customizable lengths (range: 5-200 µm) and high uniformity (+/- 10%). In addition, NTubes have high crystallinity, high aspect ratio with lengths more than 1000 times the diameter, and relative minimal defects as compared to other commercially available CNTs.

NTubes have a number of superior properties over existing MWCNTs, such as length control for greater aspect ratio, high purity and crystallinity for excellent chemical and thermal stability. NTherma’s new patent pending production technology can manipulate and customize key MWCNT characteristics to suit the needs of different applications.


  • High purity: 99+%C
  • Significant lower cost in comparison to commercially available materials
  • Controllable MWCNT lengths: 5 - 200µm
  • High uniformity: +/- 10% of specified length
  • High crystallinity
  • Ultra low catalyst contamination
    Minimal MWCNT structural defects

Thermal Gravimetric Analysis Results

NTubes are greater than 99% Carbon purity as seen in TGA obtained by third-party, BAYMATERIALS located in Fremont, CA.

Onset Point (°C) Inflection Point (°C) Carbon Purity %
644°C 721°C 99.4%

Higher Crystalline CNT Structure

Resonance Raman spectroscopy also shows NTubes have higher crystalline quality compared to currently commercial multi-walled CNTs.

Raman Features NTubes
ID/IG ratio 0.76
IG/IG ratio 0.44

NTherma Corporation’s patent pending advancements in MWCNTs production technique allows for precise control and manipulation of a number of NTubes properties with minimal residual metallic catalysts. The customizable MWCNT properties for different applications allow for optimal product integration and harnessing the full potential of the unique properties of MWCNTs.

  • Nanocomposites for enhanced thermal, electrical and mechanical properties in plastics, metal, ceramics
  • Faster charging anodes for Li-ion Battery
  • Nanocoatings
  • Thermal management