Graphene Lubricants

Our graphene oil are ultra-high purity graphene-based oil additives which will improve gas mileage and engine life by reducing friction. It offers excellent solution dispersion, excellent shelf life in oil, low loading requirement per liter and nano-sized particles won’t clog filters.

NTherma’s Graphene Lubricants are ultra-high purity graphene nano-platelets for use as lubricant additive materials. Graphene enhances the lubricant properties of base engine oil, helping to improve engine performance at various operating temperatures. Graphene-based lubricant additives improve wear resistance, extend engine life, increase fuel efficiency, and increase engine power. With high surface area and high affinity for metal surfaces, graphene nano particles enable penetration and coating of wear crevices (surface asperities) forming a thin protective film between moving mechanical parts.

Our patent-pending manufacturing method for graphene produces controlled particle size for consistent and predictable qualities such as lubricity, viscosity, and most importantly, stable suspension and dispersion in oil.


  • Ultra high purity & high uniformity graphene with predictable characteristics
  • Excellent solution dispersion in oil
  • Excellent shelf life in oil
  • Low loading requirements of about 0.25 g of graphene per liter of oil
  • Nano-sized particles won’t clog filters
  • Enhance the properties of conventional and synthetic oil
    - Improve lubricity properties
    - Increase wear resistance of engine components
    - Boost fuel efficiency

Benefits of Nadditive-3001 in motor oil

NTherma’s GNP-LADD251 improves the lubrication and prolongs the use of motor oil in modern engines.

  • Improve oil viscosity index for low to elevated temperatures.
  • Improve lubricity by reducing friction between moving parts.
  • Nano particles bond to metal surfaces and help to reduce wear.

Stable Dispersion in Motor Oil

Left: Conventional base oil 10W-30 with 0.050 gram/L concentration of GNP-LADD251 remains uniformly dispersed for over 9 months without precipitation or separation.

Right: Conventional base oil 10W-30.


5W-40 Oil with Addition of NTherma’s Graphene Nanoplatelets

Preliminary data indicates gas mileage improvement > 5-18% depending on vintage/mileage of vehicles, as well as the types of oil utilized (conventional vs. synthetic).